Are You Too Focused?

Girl with Scrunched FaceIs Your Social Media Stream Too Focused?

We’ve all seen them, haven’t we? You find a website that sells a product or service that you’re interested in. You see the call to action—follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook! You click on the link, are taken to the Twitter wall and it’s nothing but a constant stream of self-promotion! Boring. Maybe the Facebook page is better? You click on the link and…same thing. Probably the same promotions because they are using the Facebook to Twitter app! You scrunch up your face and move on.

Sharing Social Media

Social Media Marketers, there is a valuable lesson to be learned here. Yes, you need to have a social media strategy in place. Of course you need to have goals for your marketing. Obviously, those goals and strategies are going to encompass getting better leads and making sales. However, with social media, one of the key components is engagement. Another way of putting this is you need to make your posts and tweets “likable” if you want people to hit that “like” button! Don’t just post promotion after endless promotion. Find something in your field that is entertaining or is a good source of information. Find articles online that pertain to your industry and share them! They don’t call this social media for nothing!

Take a look at the sidebar of this website. You’ll see three of the latest tweets on my Twitter stream. How many of those are self promotion? Trick question. They all are! But how many of them are promoting my latest greatest blog posts, services, or portfolio pieces? Sure, I promote those, too, but I mix it up! I look around for interesting articles on graphic design, copywriting, social cause marketing and, of course, social media. Also, I throw in some humor and maybe even a totally unrelated but interesting “weird-but-true” gem. In short, people want to visit my Facebook business page and follow me on Twitter! I give them a reason to connect…by providing interesting content that is shareable!

Share and Share Alike

All this swapping of information isn’t just to make you look like a good example to your child who is learning sharing lessons in class—it’s good business, too! For example, if you share content, the odds greatly increase that your content will get shared as well. The old “share and share alike” adage holds true for businesses just as it does for preschoolers. And don’t put conditions on your sharing. While it’s OK to have a “you re-Tweet some of my posts, I’ll re-Tweet yours” sort of agreement with some of your Twitter connections, don’t make this a prerequisite for all of your followers. You can be unilateral in your sharing! It will pay off in the long run. Customers and leads will begin to follow your business on Twitter. They will like your business Facebook page. More importantly, they will stick around, too, because you are providing fun, entertaining, thought-provoking information that they can share with their business acquaintances, friends and family. And guess whose name is attached when they share? Yours, of course!

Be Engaging

Social Media Expert Course graphicDon’t stop there, though! Are you in a business-to-business (B2B) service? Then connect with your potential clients and share their posts on your page. If someone returns the favor and shares your content—even if it’s a re-post of someone else’s article—take the time to thank them. Start a conversation. You never know when this might lead to a business opportunity. Sharing is good. Karma likes it! Also, go through the streams of those you have connected with and “like” or “favorite” some of their posts. Leave a comment. Once again, start that conversation! Don’t make the mistake of immediately sending blatant self-promotion once someone begins talking with you. Ease into it. Make the relationship first, then over time you make your pitch. We’re not necessarily referring to weeks or months here, either. Just remember that it’s a lot easier to sell a friend than it is to force someone’s hand.

Play Nice

The world of social media does play by a different set of rules. It’s not the dog-eat-dog mentality that will win out this time. Conjure your inner child and play nice! This should go without saying, but don’t get into a flame war when you post comments. Learn from the preschoolers and win the social media game!

Did you enjoy this article? Agree or disagree? Leave a comment below and start the conversation! Oh, and don’t forget to like Koger Creative on Facebook and follow on Twitter! And yes, if your content is good, it will get shared!

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