Back to School Bash

Countryside Montessori School 5k Trail Run and Back to School Bash

T-shirt design, rack card and flyer

T-shirt design and marketing materials

Countryside Montessori School asked if Koger Creative could come up with a t-shirt design and accompanying marketing materials for their 2010 5K Trail Run and Back to School Bash. Up to this point, all we had ever worked on together were magazine ads, some in color, some grayscale. Having once worked in a t-shirt shop many, many moons ago, naturally the assignment was taken!

Back to School Bash Ideas

Trail Runners image

Original image used for the t-shirt design.

The image for the t-shirt is actually a vectorized version of a stock photo. After doing some online searches for images, this photo really stood out. After cropping out one of the runners (there were two in the original) and deleting all the background, the image was taken into Adobe Illustrator and traced into vector art. As many colors as possible were removed to keep down costs. The fonts were chosen, arranged so they stacked well (since it is a very long title!) and then the winding road was drawn in last of all. At first, the client wanted to see some more examples. After a few tries going other directions, she agreed that this was the best option after all. Must be, since Countryside Montessori School has used the same design ever since! This particular image gets searched more than any of the other pieces in the Koger Creative portfolio, too! (The Royal Affair comes a pretty close second.)

After the t-shirt design, the client wanted to have a full-color rack card (which needed to be displayed in Charlotte area running stores) and a grayscale flyer. The flyer didn’t need to be color since it was only to be handed out to school members and staff. Very smart cost-cutting strategy on the client’s part, wouldn’t you agree? As you can see from the image, nothing was lost by not using color in this particular instance. The rack card, of course, had to be full-color to stand out in the racks. The playful fonts and powerful runner image made sure the rack card got plenty of attention!

Countryside Montessori School has had two successful 5K Trail Run and Back to School Bash events using essentially the same marketing materials. The dates and times and a few wording edits were made, but other than that, the pieces remained consistent and the client can get plenty of miles for the buck!

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