April In Paris

Invitation to the April In Paris themed annual Garden Party for The Pines at Davidson

April in Paris theme for The Pines at Davidson’s annual garden party

April in Paris Invitations and Marketing Collateral

Koger Creative designed this invitation and envelope for the Marketing Department at The Pines at Davidson. The client wanted a semi-formal piece with a French bistro look to go with their April in Paris theme. She envisioned a large silhouette of the Eiffel Tower with perhaps some “charming bistro tables/chairs.” The invitation needed to be printed on special stock, as in the previous year, and was going out to 400 potential future residents. She also wanted a matching menu to go along with the set. As you can see, Koger Creative came through with a design which met all her wants and needs!

Idea from client

Sample from client
Just a tad too pink

At first, the invitation took on the look and feel of 2011’s “Royal Affair” theme. That just wasn’t working. The large bar on the left hand side didn’t go with the light, airy feel of this year’s theme. So, back to the drawing board! The client sent some postcards she and her assistant found online, but they were just a tad too pink for this occasion. So, it was time to go on an art search. Metro Creative Connection, one of the sources used primarily by newspapers and direct mail, wouldn’t at first seem like a likely source for this project. However, they did have the images above in their library and the pieces combined had all the elements the client wanted! The original bistro art needed to be re-sized and re-arranged to fit the specs, but that is no problem if you happen to be an expert at Adobe Illustrator. The Eiffel Tower is a separate image which is screened back to make it look distant. Finally, after some back and forth, all parties involved chose the design you see above. Must admit, the type presented a problem. We tried left align, right align (definitely didn’t work!), finally settling on centering with the contact info centered in the white space toward the bottom.

This project went smoothly and was completed in a few short weeks, ahead of schedule. The final printed piece had a pearlescent varnish on a matte card stock. Very nice.

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    • Hi Laura,

      Those cards were designed for The Pines at Davidson, a retirement community. So essentially, they paid for the rights to them. The card is not for sale. But thanks for your interest! If you have an event or would like some custom cards, I could always design something new for you.


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