A Royal Affair

A Royal Affair invitation to the annual Garden Party for The Pines at Davidson

A Royal Affair invitation to the annual garden party for The Pines at Davidson

A Royal Affair Invitation

This was a very fun project created for The Pines at Davidson’s 2011 annual garden party. Working with the Director of Wellness Activities and Transportation (she apparently wears a lot of hats!), the project guidelines were to come up with a look to go with their theme, “A Royal Affair.” The theme was a take-off on the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton. She wanted a sophisticated look which needed to have “royal” colors. After a bit of research, Koger Creative came up with several specs. The example shown above turned out to be the winner, but the silver version (essentially the same as above, except the gold bar was a silver) also tallied a few votes. Since this was not a democracy, the royal decree gave the nod to the gold!

The final piece was printed on a linen stock with a pearlescent varnish. Very striking! The invitation went out to future residents, as well as the current residents of The Pines. (The Pines at Davidson is a retirement community in Davidson, NC.) In years past, the future residents received the printed, more formal invitations, whereas the current residents simply received an invite printed on the office computer (and usually created with Microsoft Word). This particular year (2011), the residents received the fancier invitations, too. As you might imagine, this went over quite well.

The staff and residents were quite pleased with the design. We also created a menu for the garden party that went along with the Royal Affair theme. The garden party turned out to be quite a success and the residents and staff had lots of fun dressing the parts.

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