Engage in a Different Way

Engage Your Prospects and Leads in an Entirely Different Way

Social Media apps imageOn the typical company website, what manner of engagement can the average visitor expect? Usually, the visitor is being talked to, often in (gasp!) company jargon, and the web copy is little more than an online brochure. Since most searchers are looking for information, this may work for the one-time visitor. However, what’s to keep the visitor from leaving once they have found what they are looking for? What’s to ever bring them back? Continue reading

Are You Too Focused?

Girl with Scrunched FaceIs Your Social Media Stream Too Focused?

We’ve all seen them, haven’t we? You find a website that sells a product or service that you’re interested in. You see the call to action—follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook! You click on the link, are taken to the Twitter wall and it’s nothing but a constant stream of self-promotion! Boring. Maybe the Facebook page is better? You click on the link and…same thing. Probably the same promotions because they are using the Facebook to Twitter app! You scrunch up your face and move on. Continue reading

Are You A Troll

Story of a Facebook Group Troll

Troll © Doug Wildman

Troll © Doug Wildman

I was recently invited to join a copywriter’s group on Facebook. Even though I am more a designer than a copywriter, I was honored to be invited. Besides, what better way to make some good relationships with copywriters who may someday need to collaborate with a designer! In case you missed it, I have written before on forming relationships with social media. This is why they call it “social” media. The group turned out to be quite active, and I even joined in a few conversations in which I had an interest. All went well until… Continue reading

Put the Social Back in Social Media

How Not To Please Twitter Followers

Hand holding Twitter birdsThis morning I was catching up on my Twitter account (@k2_kogercr8tiv). Several people had started following me, so I naturally returned the favor and followed them. When I follow someone on Twitter, I don’t just blindly hit the Follow button just so I can have a boatload of followers. I send them a direct message and thank them for the follow. I usually add a small bit of chit chat so they know that I am an actual human. It’s a nice touch, if I say so myself, and it seems to make the recipient feel welcome. Ah, the ol’ warm and fuzzy feelin’! Everybody wants it, right? Continue reading