How Not to Optimize a Page

Are You Writing Web Pages for Search Engines,
or Are You Writing Them for People?

Frustrated lady looking at laptopEarlier this week, I ran a client’s site through HubSpot’s Marketing Grader. We scored a 76! Not bad, but still have some work to do, obviously. Marketing Grader grants a site a score based on several criteria: mozRank, back links, blogging frequency, social media presence and frequency, etc. What is really cool is that you can check your competitor’s scores to see how you match up with them. My client, Cline Services, is in the very competitive niche of carpet cleaners in Charlotte, NC. So, I did a search of “carpet cleaners charlotte nc” and put the top 10 listings in Marketing Grader. One business stood out so I took a look at their site to see what they were doing. Continue reading

Google, We Need To Talk

Google Plays the Popularity Game

Google Just finished reading an excellent article by Owen Powis on the site. He basically bemoans how Google, with its new algorithms for determining page rank, has quite frankly gotten a lot of things wrong. In case you’re new to SEO (if you’re really new, that stands for search engine optimization), Google uses a complex set of rules to determine the search results when a user searches for a term. While no one knows the exact set of rules that go into play (Google ain’t sayin’), most SEO experts agree that the right combination of keywords and links plays a significant role. Lately, social media is contributing heavily into the equation. In short, to rank well, you need to be popular! Continue reading