Beauty Skin Deep

Beauty Skin Deep screenshot

The Beauty Skin Deep website homepage

The Beauty Skin Deep Website

Bighouse Marketing, an award-winning SEO firm, needed to help their client, Beauty Skin Deep, revamp their website. Since their focus is SEO and not web design, Bighouse Marketing called on Koger Creative to convert the existing site to WordPress. We chose WordPress because it is easy for the clients to add content and it’s also SEO-friendly—a win-win for all parties! Continue reading

Rivergate Mall Insert

Insert for Rivergate Mall

Rivergate Mall newspaper insert

RiverGate Mall in Charlotte, NC

The Rivergate Mall newspaper insert is part of a series where The Charlotte Observer partnered with Media Power Advertising to produce inserts for three Charlotte shopping malls. Media Power Advertising approached The Observer with the concept of pairing their PR skills with The Observer’s direct mail program. They wanted to work with one designer who had a clean, professional style and whose design would appeal to upscale shoppers. I got the nod. Continue reading

Smart Start Special Section

Smart Start newspaper insert

Smart Start Special Section for the Charlotte Observer

Smart Start

This special section was created for the Charlotte Observer. The marketing department usually handled special sections, but they were too swamped to take on this project at the time, so guess who to the rescue!

Smart Start of Mecklenburg County, NC is a non-profit organization geared toward helping young children with their preschool education needs. Actually, as I found out during the interview with the director at the time, Smart Start is several programs which all tie together to help children and their families so that the child can be on a level playing field education-wise when starting school. The light bulb went off over my head as she was telling me this. “Why don’t we design a piece that presents the different programs as pieces of a puzzle which all fit together to form a complete picture?” I asked. “Yes!” she exclaimed. “I like where this is going!” Continue reading

Cline Services

Cline Services LLC

Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning

Cline Services Carpet Cleaning

Ah, the power of social media! Not too long ago, an old chum of mine from way back (we’re talking Middle School, or as it was called back in those days, Junior High School) found me on Facebook. Next thing I know, he’s telling me he owns a carpet cleaning business and that business is slow. He didn’t even have a website. He wanted to know if I could help. Koger Creative to the rescue! Continue reading