Frequently Asked Questions about graphic design, web design and social media

Graphic design, web design and social media can be confusing subjects for the layperson. Koger Creative understands. Click on the tabs below to find answers to common questions and misconceptions.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Graphic Design FAQ

    Q. So what is a magalog, anyway?

    A. A magalog is (typically) a four-color direct marketing piece that is a cross between a magazine and a catalog. It is a self-mailer (mailed without an envelope) which is used to promote higher priced products.

    Q. How quick is your turnaround?

    A. The turnaround depends on several factors: the complexity of the job, the clarity of the instructions, if all of the necessary resources were provided, how many committees need to see it...

    Q. OK, Mr. Vague. If we provide you with everything you need, how long will it take you to do our four-color, tri-fold brochure?

    A. Temper, temper! Would you like it this afternoon?

    Q. How much do you charge for...

    A. Please fill out the contact form and all your questions regarding pricing can be answered when enough information has been provided.

  • Web Design FAQ

    Q. What is Wordpress?

    A. Wordpress is an open source platform (which means it is developed by enthusiasts the world over) that is used to build blogs and, more recently, complete websites. It is free as is, although premium templates and plug-ins (the extras which add additional functionality to Wordpress) do have a price tag.

    Q. What are the advantages of a Wordpress site?

    A. Wordpress allows users to add content to their website: copy, images, videos, even complete pages! So now you don’t have to wait on your web developer to change that product’s price, for instance. You can do it yourself! Plus, you can give permissions to users. You don’t have to worry about the company CEO shutting down the entire site if he is a complete technophobe. Only allow him enough permissions to destroy the English language. You can clean up afterwards.

    Q. You offer electronic flysheets? What in the name of Sam Hill are those?

    A. A “flysheet” is a term that comes from the newspaper industry. It is an advertising section inserted into the paper which can fly out when the paper is opened, hence the name. An electronic flysheet is an online flysheet, most often utilized by grocers and other retailers whose sale items change weekly. It doesn’t fly out of anything.

  • Social Media FAQ

    Q. What is a tweet?

    A. A “tweet” is a message sent from the social media outlet called Twitter. You have to limit your tweets to 140 characters, so all tweets are little sound bits of information passed along to other Twitter users. You can use Twitter for customer service, customer relations, and promotions. Keep the blatant, over-the-top promos to a bare minimum and you’ll have a decent Twitter following in no time!

    Q. I see companies advertising their Facebook pages all the time. What’s all the fuss?

    A. Many people use Facebook like they used to use America Online back in the 90s. It's a closed environment, not directly connected to the Internet. Some people never leave Facebook while online. It makes sense to have a presence there to promote your brand.

    Q. Google+? Not ANOTHER social media outlet to promote!??

    A. ’Fraid so, Sparky! Google+ ties directly into the Google search engine. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Google+ feeds can be seen by the online universe. It only makes sense from an SEO point if nothing else to jump on the Google+ bandwagon. Plus (if you’ll pardon the pun), it’s growing like gangbusters!


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